What is a warrant?
A court order authorizing your arrest for a crime you have committed.
How does a person get a warrant issued in their name?

After being arrested for a crime you are given the opportunity to pay a fine or appear before a Judge. If you do not comply with either of these methods, a warrant may be issued for your arrest for the original crime committed. In addition, an arrest warrant can be issued from evidence collected in a crime report submitted to the District Attorney indicating possible guilt. This is an Arrest Warrant.

What happens when you miss a court date?

If you miss a court date, a bench warrant may be issued by the court. The warrant will be assigned for service to the Will County Sheriff’s Office.

What is the amount due (fine) on my warrant?

Unfortunately we cannot provide that information over the phone.  You can check the online warrants search, click on Data in the menu and see if the amount is listed.  If not, it is recommended that you go to your local police department to get the information.

If you fail to pay a fine, a bench warrant may be issued by the court.

How do I have a warrant removed if my relative, friend, etc. is deceased?

If you know the person is deceased, you will need to provide a copy of the death certificate along along with the warrant number(s) that need to be removed.  We cannot remove a warrant for a deceased individual without a copy of the death certificate.  You may fax the certificate to the Warrants office.  Please call 815-740-5552 to get the fax number and any further information.

Someone I know is being transported to your facility on a warrant. When will the person arrive?

We cannot give out the information of when the person is to arrive for safety reasons.  You can call the Adult Detention Facility – 815.740.1250 to inquire if the person is in the facility or you may use the online inmate search – Will County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

Those individuals being picked up out of state can be up to 14 days before arrival.  10 days if they sign the waiver.  60 to 90 days if they refuse to sign the waiver and that time is not counted as time served.

What happens if I fail to appear at the Adult Detention Facility?

If you fail to appear at jail / the Adult Detention Facility, a bench warrant may be issued by the court.

How do I turn myself in?

If you have an active warrant, please go to your local police department to turn yourself in and get the warrant taken care of.

What happens after I turn myself in?

You will be placed under arrest on the warrant and advised of the specific charges against you. Depending on the severity of the warrant, you will either receive a citation with a new court date and time to appear, or be booked into the Adult Detention Facility. If the warrant is from a county other than Will County, you may be transferred to an additional detention facility after being booked in. The warrant will be cleared from the system.

What if it was not me, but someone else used my name? (What if I am a victim of Identity Theft?)

Go to the issuing court and verifying your true identity or go to your local police department. If you do not live in the local area, you may have to begin by filing a report with your local police department.

Can I call and find out if I have a warrant?

We cannot give out information over the phone.  You can visit the online Warrants Search, click on Data in the menu above, and see if you have any warrants issued for you.  Or it is recommended to go to your local police department and have them check.

Will the warrant go away if I ignore it?

No it will not. The warrant will remain active in system until it has been served.

I'm afraid to find out if I have a warrant.

If you are aware that you have a warrant or suspect that you do, it is to your benefit to take care of it immediately. If you do not take care of it, it may be served at your home or at a public place, at the grocery store, etc. If you are driving a vehicle at time of arrest your vehicle may be towed.